Krishna Blessings To Transform Luck

Krishna Blessings To Transform Luck

Story of Lord Krishna that imparts a valuable lesson about luck.


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Kubera God Of Wealth And Its Magnificent City Alakapuri

Once, in a small village, there was a farmer who had worked hard on his fields but had seen little success due to unfavorable weather and circumstances. He often complained about his bad luck and misfortune, feeling that no matter how much effort he put in, he couldn’t improve his situation.

Krishna Blessings To Transform Luck

One day, he heard about Lord Krishna’s divine wisdom and sought his guidance. He approached Krishna and said, “Lord, I work tirelessly on my farm, but I am always plagued by bad luck. What should I do to change my fortune?”

Krishna smiled and replied, “I will help you, but first, you must do something for me. Take this sack of grains and start walking in one direction. Keep sowing the grains as you go, but make sure not to look back until you’ve reached the end of the path.”

The farmer agreed and set off with the sack of grains. As he walked, he felt anxious and curious, wondering what Krishna’s plan was. After a long journey, he finally reached the end of the path. Curiosity got the better of him, and he turned to look back at the trail he had walked.

Krishna Blessings To Transform Luck

To his astonishment, he saw that the entire path he had walked was now covered in lush, golden crops. The fields he had sown were flourishing with abundance.

Krishna appeared before him and said, “You see, my friend, it wasn’t bad luck that was holding you back. It was your attachment to the past, your doubts, and your inability to move forward without looking back. Luck can change when you have faith, take action, and let go of the past.”

The lesson from this story is that luck is not merely a matter of chance but can be influenced by our actions, attitude, and faith. Sometimes, we hinder our own progress by dwelling on past failures or constantly looking back. To change one’s luck, it often requires letting go of the past, having faith in the journey, and taking positive actions in the present.

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