Power of Devotion: Hanuman Lesson for Bhima

Power of Devotion: Hanuman Lesson for Bhima

The story of Hanuman and Bhima encounter is a fascinating episode from the Indian epic, the Mahabharata. Here’s the detailed version of the story:

During their exile, the Pandavas faced numerous challenges. Once, while they were in the Kamyaka forest, Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, was deeply distressed due to their difficult circumstances. Seeing her in distress, Bhima, the second Pandava, set out to find a solution.

Bhima roamed the forest in search of flowers and food. Eventually, he encountered a huge, supernatural monkey lying across his path. This monkey was Hanuman in disguise, but Bhima did not recognize him.Feeling challenged, Bhima approached the monkey and asked him to move his tail from his way.

Power of Devotion: Hanuman Lesson for Bhima

To this, the monkey replied, “I am an old monkey and too weak to move. Why don’t you do it yourself if you can?” Bhima, confident in his strength, attempted to lift the monkey’s tail, but to his surprise, he failed. He put more effort into his attempt, but the tail felt increasingly heavy, as if it was anchored to the ground.┬áDespite his immense strength, Bhima couldn’t move the monkey’s tail even an inch. Realizing that the monkey was no ordinary being, Bhima humbly asked for its identity.

Hanuman revealed himself and, recognizing Bhima’s true strength and humility, gave him a special flower. He told Bhima that this magical flower had the power to grant the person holding it any material object they wished for.

Hanuman also disclosed that he had allowed himself to be in that form to be of service to the Pandavas.Hanuman then shared his admiration for Bhima’s strength and bravery, praising him for his courage in challenging him. He blessed Bhima and assured him of victory in the impending Kurukshetra war.

Power of Devotion: Hanuman Lesson for Bhima

When Bhima returned to the Pandavas and showed them the flower, Lord Krishna, who was with them at that time, advised Yudhishthira, the eldest Pandava, to ask Draupadi what she desired.

Draupadi, aware of the political situation and the impending Kurukshetra war, decided to use this opportunity wisely. She prayed to Lord Krishna for the well-being of her husbands and their victory in the war. She selflessly wished for peace, prosperity, and the victory of righteousness, instead of any material gain.

Pleased with Draupadi’s selflessness and wisdom, Lord Krishna blessed her. Her wish was granted, ensuring that her husbands, the Pandavas, received divine assistance in their quest for justice.

This encounter not only showcased Bhima’s strength but also highlighted the greatness of Hanuman. It emphasized humility, respect, selflessness, wisdom, the divine guidance and devotion, reinforcing the importance of recognizing the divine presence in all beings. This story has been a source of inspiration for generations, teaching the value of humility even in the face of great strength.

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